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Celebrate Today, Fight Tomorrow

We are.....warriors for good,

champions for change,

defenders of freedom, equality, and justice for all.

And we must NEVER give up this fight.

If there's anything this year has shown us, it's that resilience, determination and sheer will are some of our most valuable assets. And thankfully, we have an unlimited supply of each, ready to deploy when necessary. This year, a coalition of energized souls came together with fire in their eyes and love in their hearts for the good of all people that are represented in the Mighty 9th District, and THESE are the successes we will celebrate.

The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network is grateful beyond measure for every candidate that made the decision to run this year. All competed with grace, integrity, and a willingness to not only learn the needs of the people they’d represent, but sought to offer real solutions to long-standing problems currently being faced by voters in our area. Each of these candidates provided the foundation upon which we will continue to build, to fight for the people of this district we love.

The 9th District Democratic Women's Network is proud to recognize the women of this district who ran for office in 2020.

GA State House Candidates GA State Senate Candidates

District 9-Sharon Ravert District 27-Brooke Griffiths

District 11-Kayla Hollifield District 47-Dawn Johnson

District 24-Natalie Bucsko District 50-Dee Daley

District 29-Pat Calmes District 51-June Krise

District 30-Leigh Miller

District 32-Alisha Allen

District 117-Mokah Jasmine Johnson

City and County Candidates

Elbert County Board of Education-Lilvian Jones

Fannin County Commission-Dixie Carter

Fannin County Board of Education-Kathy Smyth

Fannin County Board of Education-TC Dillard

Hart County Board of Education-Brenda Jordan

Rabun County Board of Education-Paulette Williams

Union County Clerk of Court-Judy Odom

We are also thankful for each person who volunteered for a campaign, phone banked, poll watched, monitored or cured ballots, waved signs on a corner, financially supported candidates, county committees and/or the GA9DDWN, wrote postcards and letters, fund raised, canvassed, and simply rose to the occasion to do all that was asked. You proved your commitment to this mission in every action you performed and your dedication to the cause is honorable. We now have a new President and Vice President to lead us, and we are hopeful that Georgia will remain flipped to blue, following the recount. What a monumental achievement that will be, and one that will be celebrated and admired by Democrats across this great nation. The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network is optimistic for our future, because of the bonds we’ve formed, the experiences we’ve shared, and the lessons we’ve learned over the course of this challenging year. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead to help lead the Mighty 9th and the state of Georgia into a new era of change, and look forward to everyone continuing this fight with us. Let's celebrate this victory today, but know that our fight begins again tomorrow to change the balance of power in the US Senate. With everyone's help, there's nothing we can't do. Susan DeMoura, Chair

9th District Democratic Women's Network

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