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GA WIN List endorses three GA9DDWN leaders in State House races.

(Left to Right) Kayla Hollifield, June Krise, and Kim Floria recieve coveted endorsements from Georgia Win List.
(Left to Right) Kayla Hollifield, June Krise, and Kim Floria recieve coveted endorsements from Georgia Win List.

Congratulations to Kayla Hollifield, June Krise and Kim Floria for winning endorsements from Georgia WIN List, which has become one of the most coveted in the progressive community, based on their rigorous endorsement process and two-decade track record for supporting women who WIN!

Georgia WIN List announced a slate of 22 new legislative endorsements bringing the total to 59 endorsed women on the ballot in November — three for statewide office, 10 for Senate Seats and 36 for House seats,” said Melita Easters, executive director and founding chair of Georgia WIN List. “Six of those legislative candidates prevailed in Primary-only contests and are already WINners for the year. This record-setting number of women candidates on the ballot in November gives those who care about reproductive freedom an option to decisively demonstrate how much reproductive freedom matters to them, their children and grandchildren. November presents a test for the importance women voters and activists place on protecting their reproductive medical options.”

Hollified is Democratic candidate for Georgia’s House District 11, Krise is the Democratic candidate for Georgia's House District 8, and Floria is the Democratic candidate for Georgia's House District 30, all in the Georgia 9th Congressional District.

“I want to give a BIG thank you to Georgia WIN List for their endorsement today,” said Hollifield. “It is hard running in rural North Georgia as a woman, and especially as a pro-women’s reproductive rights candidate. But we need hard-working women at the table who will be a voice for women all over Georgia. I promise to be a great example and a leader as I represent the people of District 11 at the Gold Dome.”

This is a photo of a fantastic group of women endorsed by GA Win List as they run for office in 2022.
Congratulations to all the women recently endorsed by GA WIN List.

The 22 newly endorsed candidates join a group of 47 previously endorsed candidates including three women endorsed in statewide contests: Stacey Abrams for Governor, Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State and Jen Jordan for Attorney General as well as 10 Senate candidates and 36 House candidates. This slate is the largest ever for Georgia WIN List during our 22-year history.

To learn more about the three WIN List endorsed women from the 9th district, visit their websites:

Kayla Hollifield House District 11

June Krise House District 8

Kim Floria House District 30

Learn more about GA Win List here

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