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Notes From a First Time Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

So what is it like being a delegate at a virtual convention? I have been asked that a lot in the past week. I have a one word answer….GREAT!

Georgia is allocated 129 convention delegates, nine of whom are alternates. I was an alternate. The Mighty 9th District was well represented. Virginia Webb of Clarksville (and our 9DDWN Treasurer), Jim Powell from Hiawassee, Wilson Golden from Gainesville and Terry Franzen from Jasper were our district elected delegates.  I applied to be an At Large Delegate or Alternate and was chosen for Alternate. So to know how exciting this was for me.  I am 68 and became very politically active at 17 and worked for George McGovern in 1972. Going to the convention was truly a lifelong dream.

All Georgia delegates were Biden Delegates because no other candidate got the required 15% of votes in the primary. Senator Nikima Williams was the chairperson of our Georgia Delegation.

The GDP and Senator Williams worked hard to make our experience in a virtual convention exciting. They succeeded. We had many state events, including “breakfast” each morning at 9:30 and a meeting at noon. We also had a couple of meetings with our other southern states. We always had great speakers at these meetings…all done by Zoom, of course. Guest speakers at these events included Congresswoman Lucy McBath, Congressman, Jim Clyburn, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Valerie Biden Owens (Joe’s sister), Attorney General Eric Holder, Leader Stacy Abrams, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Senator Joe Manchin, Senator Mark Warner, and Senator Doug Jones. 

In the evenings, we watched the Convention unfold on TV, like everyone else.

One of my favorite events was the Flip The Senate event hosted by Senator Cory Booker and featuring  several candidates who could flip their states. Jon Ossoff, Amy McGrath (KY), Mark Kelly (AZ), and Jamie Harrison (SC) were among the ones highlighted.

Additionally, throughout the week there were Caucuses. I attended the Women’s caucus, as well as the Celebration of the 19th Amendment, sponsored by the Tennessee Delegation.

On closing night, the 9th District Delegates who were able, did a socially distanced, masks-required event in Gainesville to be together for Joe Biden’s speech. It was a great ending to an exciting week!  I hope in 2024 I am lucky enough to be a delegate again…maybe in person next time! I will say….I am ZOOMED OUT!

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